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Lying - Sam Harris I liked this essay. I read its majority while at a cafe with my wife, and it stirred very interesting discussions. Even while reading it alone, I remember constantly stopping and thinking about the insightful ideas and examples that Harris demonstrated.

Harris shows how lies, even those (conveniently?) called "white" do more harm than good. He proposes living a life without a single lie, even at the cost of much discomfort. Of course, situations where telling the truth will undoubtedly cause harm (like in case of a murderer looking for a child hiding in your house), lying is justified, though he takes the matter a step further which I presume most people will disagree with.

I agree with most of what Harris says here, even when in situations where I will (sadly) opt for lying, I can't and won't deny that it harms my relationship with the person being lied to. However, he could have talked more (as he usually does) about the underlying causes of lying from an evolutionary or even social point of view, which of course can help in developing better strategies in coping with the urge to lie.