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Deep Meditation - Pathway to Personal Freedom

Deep Meditation - Pathway to Personal Freedom - Yogani I got interested in meditation after reading The Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom. The author proposes meditation as the first options for those who are seeking more potential for happiness (whatever the hell that means) in their lives, the other two options being CBT and SSRI drugs. I've also heard Sam Harris championing meditation many times in his discussions and books, so I was quite encouraged to investigate about its methods and procedures.

Harris and Haidt give a more plausible view about what meditation is about than the author of this book who speaks of energies flowing in and out. The former authors believe that it helps cultivating calmness in the human mind which I believe is something I lack so to speak. I believe my mind is hyperactive most of the time and so this sounded like what I was looking for. I tried doing "Deep Meditation", as called in this book several times over the last week, and I am quite ambiguous about it. First when I started it was quite good and I felt calmer indeed, but the last couple of times it caused insomnia. I'll surely try it more in the coming days. As far as instructions are concerned, I think the book is pretty much straightforward and clear.

However, I will refrain from rating this book unless I measure the benefits of meditation in general and his method in particular (since a lot more methods exist for meditation as a matter of fact). It is a quite short book and very easy to read.