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The Third Chimpanzee: The Evolution & Future of the Human Animal - Jared Diamond This was a very good book. Just the amount of topics Diamond intelligently delves into makes it worthwhile, with all of them being relevant to the title, namely The Evolution and Future of the Human Animal. It is true that the book is a bit outdated in relation to the dates of our evolution or the different theories postulated to explain human sexuality or certain traits, but it is nevertheless interesting and very important.

In relation to Evolutionary Psychology (Sociobiology) for which this book is most renowned, Diamond examines the different theories that explain how we became social beings, how we lived most of our evolutionary history or what are the differences (if any) between male and female psychology, among several other topics. He is careful in tackling these question but at the same times asserts that even if the theories show that males for example, were more promiscuous in most of their evolutionary history than females, there is no cause for alarm, since science need not tell us how to behave in the first place. Our being alarmed is as strong an evidence that we are not bound by our genes and have almost unlimited control on our choices of how to live.

There were very touching moments in this book, especially when he speaks about other species (especially chimps) and how we contribute to their extinction even unknowingly. Also, a painful chapter was on genocide for which alone I would recommend the whole book. There was a whole and detailed chapter devoted to languages and how Indo-European languages became dominant in the world today, all this while debunking racist theories about the supposed “superiority” of the Indo-European language. Other important topics included were the environment and its conservation, extraterrestrial life, drug abuse and art.

A magnificent book on human evolution and future. Highly recommended.