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Why Evolution Is True - Jerry A. Coyne This is a remarkable book. It is written by someone who is really interested in educating people and not just laying out facts. I loved the tone of the author and am now following his blog Why Evolution is True which is really interesting and amusing (this guy really loves cats!). He almost daily posts lots of interesting facts about evolution.

There's a good YT video about this book that people may be interested in seeing before reading the book


Before buying this book, I read some bad reviews about it from people who said that the tone of the author was aggressive and he was really obnoxious. This is certainly not the case. After hearing what some say about Dawkins (whom I personally calm and convincing) being aggressive and obnoxious and about Coyne, I came to the sad conclusion that some will really get offended no matter how you write about evolution. It could be that people like Hitch may sometimes be offensive, but Dawkins or this guy Coyne, they are serious people interested in education other than paying lip service. Anyway, the author shows how natural selection operates and drives life by demonstrating some of the most interesting stuff about evolution of different species. There is a chapter about embryos and especially how the human evolution can be traced by the different stages that our embryo undergoes which made me shudder.

People who are very familiar with evolution may find some of ideas in this book repetitive, but there is certainly some new stuff here. I read both The Selfish Gene and The Blind Watchmaker and was still amazed by many interesting facts, so I recommend it, especially to those who want an easy and brief introduction to evolution.