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Full House: The Spread of Excellence from Plato to Darwin - Stephen Jay Gould The ideas outlined in this book can easily get a 5-star rating. My understanding of evolution after reading it is entirely different from what it was before doing so. Gould shattered some old concepts and replaced them with powerful and concrete ideas that helped me appreciate life even more so (especially after knowing how improbable our own existence is). There is indeed "grandeur in this view of life".

I deducted one star because of the part about baseball, which was too painful to read for a non-American who doesn't know a thing about the game, but most importantly because the author was repetitious regarding the main premise of the book, i.e. the history of life is void of any drive towards progress when all living things (Full-House) are taken into account. I believe the book could have been shorter, but I won't deny that it was a very enjoyable read. I strongly recommend it to anyone who's interested in Evolution.