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The Golden Compass - Philip Pullman After trying much to think about what to write in this review, I realized this to be precisely the reason why I didn’t like The Golden Compass much, namely that there was nothing worth writing about. In my view, it was a very average book. But, sadly and unfortunately, there was every opportunity for it to be great, but Pullman chose not to take them. Throughout the book, I couldn't help but think he was a bit lazy and timid to take his ideas as far as they needed to be taken, and I say this because I believe he is a talented writer, and hence the three stars.

I mostly liked the bits about Lyra’s days before Lord Asriel’s visit to Jordan College; and how her parents differ from the conventional parents usually depicted in children books. However, most of the other character were more or less typical, except for the extraordinary Lyra, which in itself made the book very predictable and made me indifferent toward its conclusion. I wonder why Pullman didn’t talk more (philosophically) about how the alethiometer worked, or what was the nature of the relationship between humans and their daemons, or the nature of dust, and how all mentioned above could relate to our reality. Maybe that will be done in the other two book, but I don’t think I have the enthusiasm to read them. Well, at least not at the moment.