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Mrs. McGinty's Dead - Agatha Christie One of the most intricate and elaborate plots I’ve ever read, but quite enjoyable . While reading this book, I'm positive most people will feel baffled at times by the names of the characters and the places, in addition to the subplots within the main plot.

Christie tactfully succeeded in misleading the reader with a lot of false clues and red herrings, with keeping the story as belivable as possible.
If you are a fan of Poirot, you'll recognize an amusing humor in his character here, which I admired. You can't help but sympathize with the man because of what he endured during his stay in Broadhinny.

I gave the book 4 stars because of the ending, which in my opinion lacked originality. In addition to that, the plot was rather unnecessarily complicated. But, the book is good and definitely a page-turner.