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A Murder Is Announced - Agatha Christie My love/hate relationship doesn’t seem to be concluded after reading this book, in addition to many other Christie mysteries I've read so far.

This is a typical Christie mystery. Typical because as usual, I’ve had this odd feeling of improbability about many events, and the frustration of being deceived at the end of the book. I can only recall Cards On The Table, where I was satisfied with the likelihood of the plot and the nature of the characters. Cards on the Table is a unique mystery, and I think it’s one of the most underrated Christie books, with lots of psychology and insights about the human nature.

In addition to the improbabilities and the stark deception, lots of recurring themes are embedded in this book as well as any other Christie book: The beautiful girl, the artist, the rich widow…etc. and even the dialogues and motives seemed very cliché.

But despite all mentioned, I can’t deny the fact that I still feel mysteriously attracted to her mysteries. Maybe because they were among the first books I read in my life, and they remind me how wonderful books are. If the same thing happened with another book, I’ll probably throw the book away with its author and never come near him or her again. But with this woman, I somehow feel the urge to forgive her and pick up another mystery to read again. One possible explanation is that she's so clever and creative, that I allow myself to be deceived just to experience her cleverness and creativity again.

Having said that, there is nothing special in this one that cannot be found in any other of her books. If you haven't read Cards on the Table yet, I suggest you opt for that one.